International Sculptors Symposium 2022: St. Blasien


Herzlich willkommen in St. Blasien
natürlich. vielfältig. stilvoll.
International Sculptors Symposium 2022

25 years of wood art


25 years of wood art

Photogallery of 25th sculptors symposium

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The international symposium, which is well known far beyond the borders of the country, is well organized and covered by the media and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022 (28th of August - 4th of September). Work will take place under permanent tents in the streets of the cathedral city and on the Domplatz - in public and in front of the public. At the end of the week, the artworks will be presented on the Domplatz, where they will be auctioned off in a public auction on Sunday.

Year after year, a tree forms a new ring of wood under its bark, the annual ring. In this way, the trunk gets thicker and thicker over the years. Each ring stands for one year. The Sculptors Symposium of St. Blasien, where everything revolves around art made of wood every year in late summer, now has 25 annual rings. While the annual rings show the various development phases of a tree, the symposium has become an integral part of the events calendar of the city of St. Blasien over the years. The sculpture symposium is also an integral part of the cultural life of the district of Waldshut and High Black Forest.

The city streets are transformed into an open-air workshop

"If you compare our symposium with a tree, you see a healthy and stable tree that has developed splendidly over the past 25 years and will continue to develop splendidly - after all, trees can get very old," says St. Blasien's mayor Adrian Probst. But this requires constant care and support: “St. Blasien can be proud of the fact that the sculpture symposium has not remained a flash in the pan, but is an integral part of our cultural life,” says Probst. "We owe this above all to all our reliable sponsors, supporters and dedicated members of the organizing committee, without whose commitment the sculpture symposium would not be possible," adds the mayor.

Founded in 1995 by the painter Rudi Martin Lederer and the then mayor Johann Meier, the symposium has been attracting guests from near and far to St. Blasien every year since then and offers artists from the region, but also from all over the world, the opportunity to create a show their skills live in front of an audience for a week when the city streets are transformed into an open-air workshop. Works of art that are second to none are created from a native trunk that the city's building yard makes available. Because every year the symposium has a different motto, which inspires the artists. In the spirit of a symposium, the audience and artists get into conversation, exchange ideas, discuss with each other. In 25 years, artists from 35 different nations created 440 artworks during the symposium.

With the forests that surround St. Blasien, the many old Black Forest farms that are made of wood and the wood processing companies in the region, wood has always played a central role in the cathedral city. "Therefore, it was only logical to establish the topic of wood in the city's cultural life," says Adrian Probst. At the auction of the sculptures on the cathedral square, guests and locals come together to celebrate the end of the sculpture symposium, to marvel at the finished sculptures and to engage in conversation. And every year a new ring is added, which makes the sculptor symposium even stronger and stronger - thanks to many supporters.